Nago’s Pedigree

Nago is the son of Natan and Hova. For connoisseurs, we could stop there in the explanations.

Natan is the second highest Champion in Grande Quête, just behind Nolo. Hova, a rare female Champion of Grane Quête, is the sister of Giono, another sacred monster of Grande Quête.

With a lot of patience, countless phone calls and the help of great professionals, we managed to acquire Nago. On paper, Nago is 49 points in Pedigree. At home recently, his education is easy and we discover a dog very affectionate. In the woods, one fall have been enough for me to understand all the potential of Nago. Physically, that’s exactly what we were looking for next. Mentally, he proves to us every day that our choice was the right one.