A hunting dog or a family dog?

The English Setter, like many breeds of hunting dogs, is often demonized because it was created and selected for its undeniable hunter qualities. It’s an active dog, certainly. On the other hand, it is of a sweetness and a kindness out of the commun run. Lovers of agressive and brutal dogs, go your way: the English Setter is not for you.

Moreover, you can very well have an English Setter without being a hunter. They are faithful companions in all activities. What’s more, the average hunter will do a few dozen trips to the woods a year, but their dog will be home for the remaining three hundred days! On this account, you have an interest in appreciating the company of your dog.

You are made for the English Setter if you are ready to take it out regularly.

The English Setter can very well make the show several days in a row, but it will be much better in his head if he can spend his energy regularly. His receptivity makes him a perfect companion in daily activities. Outdoor walking, agility, ski-joring and cani cross are activities the setter will love. In addition, the English Setter is neither too small to track active people everywhere, nor too big to need a huge SUV to carry.

You are made for the English Setter if you are a sweet person.

An iron hand in a velvet glove, that’s what it takes to educate an English Setter. This dog needs consistency and calm. You does not educate an English Setter if you are impatient. In fact, you should never train any dog ​​if you are in « a bad day ». This is all the more critical with the English Setter. Calm, softness and consistency; no need to scream to be heard. The Setter is listening.