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Where does the name Blues Bros come from?

Why English Setter?

The characteristics of the English Setter. His temperament, his morphology.

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Nicknamed « Big Boy », Blues Bros Negus is the very first born at home. With an extraordinary intelligence, he only asks to learn new tricks. In the woods, hunting is a game he knows how to win consistently.  

His name is a tribute to a legendary dog ​​that is part of his family tree


The last arrived in the family. Nat des Arcanes de Scolopax has acclimated very well to his new family. Son of the great Natan and Ola del Zagnis, he is full of promises.


Magie des Belles d’Automne, it is the electric battery impossible to unload. A big engine that, fortunately, is dedicated to please his master. There is only one way to stop her: you put her head on your lap and caress you. Magie means Magic; she is aptly named.



Born Diablesse II of the Blues Brothers, renamed Blue. She is the oldest and the Alpha. Daughter of the legendary Atos, she inherited her talent to find any bird. She has all the talents.

Joe Black

Nicknamed « the little monkey », Joe Black of the Blues Brothers is adorable at home and devilish on the field. Joe Black has hunted on two continents, in seven US states and four Canadian provinces. It stands out for its style and versatility. Sharp-tailed grouse, Hungarian partridge, wild pheasant, woodcock and European woodcock, ruffed grouse and blue grouse are part of his hunting board.

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Our setters in action.

Small video montage from extracts of hunts

The color scheme

What are the possible colors of the English Setter?

The English Setter is a dog that has great energy. It’s a dog for active people. Without a minimum of exercise, he will be unhappy. Are you made for the Setter?


Articles and links about our Setters

is the blog of the man who introduce me to the English Setter.


Published in the magazine Setter Anglais Québec. It tells the story of the Blues Bros and the birth of the first canadian litter.

« Des Belles d’automne » Kennel

Located in the Var (France).  A renowned breeder and professional trainer, André Bertrand is a reference in terms of pointing dogs.

L’Echo des Montagnes

In the French Alps, there’s a fantastic kennel. The owner, David Cespedes, an excellent breeder and a man of heart.

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We are in the Eastern Townships

15-minute drive to Vermont

30-minute drive to New-Hampshire

Pretty close to Massawipi Lake in Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley.


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