Where does the Blues Bros name come from?


The name of the Blues Brothers is my friend Herve Brabant who found it. Nothing very complicated: it is a cult film that pleased him just as much as the idea of ​​having an offspring to his bitch Tangor. It’s also a nod to a well-known discussion forum in the English Setter community in France. There is more than a decade of hunting and traveling on two continents, three countries, three provinces and seven states! The goal: to have maximum fun with our dogs on different biotopes and different types of game. In doing so, we gain experience and we have a unique chance to develop the lineage.

Generation after generation, our dogs are placed near us. It is possible for us to follow the development of these and we are able to choose the best topics for the future. When the time comes to look for input from outside, we do not hesitate to move, to follow the competitions and meet the people in the middle. Choosing a dog on paper is good enough; choose the latter having seen it yourself in action, it’s even better!

Our engagement

The development of the breed is important to us and that’s why we know that maintaining high ethical standards is essential:

1- All our breeders are rigorously selected according to their sociability, their morphology and their hunting qualities. Weddings are based on qualities and not availability.

2- Our puppies are socialized and live in our familie. Our puppys start their dog life with a maximum of good experiences.

3- Our dogs are microchipped and duly registered at the Canadian Kennel Club. They received their basic vaccines and are sold with a health guarantee.

4- Anyone wishing to be initiated into hunting with his dog will receive all possible support from us. Not only do we want to give you follow up, we will be very happy to keep in touch with you. In doing so, it is possible for us to have a more accurate idea of ​​the lineage.

You do not want to hunt with your setter?

Even if we prefer to know that our dogs are in families of hunters (they were selected for that), our priority is that the dogs are in an environment where they will be happy and by the same, that you are too.